[Openstack] Remounting drives

Samuel Merritt sam at swiftstack.com
Thu Aug 15 17:18:03 UTC 2013

On 8/15/13 12:50 AM, Morten Møller Riis wrote:
> After an apt-get upgrade on one of the object/account/container servers
> Ubuntu decided to rename the devices.
> I've been running with the following structure:
> /srv/node/sda1
> /srv/node/sdb1
> /srv/node/sdc1
> /srv/node/sdd1
> sde and sdf are system disks in a software raid 1 array (md0). After
> rebooting the disks came up as sda and sdb.
> I've remounted the now sde1 and sdf1 as /srv/node/sda1 and /srv/node/sdb1.
> My question is, will this mess something up? I know the mount points are
> references directly in the ring (therefore mounting them at the previous
> mount points).

It'll be fine. The thing referenced in the ring is a mount point, so 
just mount the device (whatever its name) at /srv/node/sda1 and it'll 
work as before.

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