[Openstack] Mixed Flat and Private Network with neutron….VMs are not able to ping gateway (phy router)..

Ari Saha ari at jameskyle.org
Thu Aug 15 16:49:59 UTC 2013

        I am trying to implement the Mixed Flat and Private Network topology with Neutron, where a VM gets 2 NICs, one to private network and other to public shared network. My physical router is acting as a gateway for public shared network (e.g. When I boot up my instance (ubuntu or cirrus), i do get ip (via dhcp) on my both public ( and private NICs (, I can ping my private network's gateway (, but can't ping my public network gateway ( physical router). 
I am using OVS Gre plugin with neutron. Is there any specific knobs that I can verify. I did tcpdump and looks like packets are getting lost when transitioning from br-int to br-ex on controller/network node.
     Any help??


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