[Openstack] OpenStack and its brilliant future with IPv6 and, we don't need...

Martinx - ジェームズ thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 20:16:00 UTC 2013


There is no need for "multihost = true" when using with IPv6...


Because "Multihost = true" turns on a NAT table (MASQUERADE I think) within
each compute node... Effectively hiding its running Instances and acting as
its default gateway but... Let IPv6 do the job without NAT...   =P

NOTE: Please, let me know if my above statement is wrong... I like to hear
criticism, I have no problem with that...

Long life to OpenStack!


On 8 August 2013 16:51, Martinx - ジェームズ <thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com> wrote:

> Guys,
> I'm designing my Cloud Computing still based on IPv4 but, I already
> started to think on IPv6 every single day...
> So, I'm figuring out that, when we have OpenStack working 100% with IPv6,
> we'll not need the following features:
> With IPv6, there is no need for:
> 1- NAT;
> 2- Floating IPs;
> 3- Use of Namespaces.
> But, why?!
> 1- There is no NAT for IPv6 (since NAT was a hack / workaround to deal
> with IPv4 exhaustion); Here in Brazil, we call NAT tables a huge
> "gambiarra" (the worse thing of the old IPv4 networks, which the IPv6
> gracefully addresses it)...
> 2- Floating IPs are also NAT rules, no need for it;
> 3- Namespaces are used mostly to allow tenants to share the same IPv4
> invalid subnet, for example, tenant A have and also tenant
> B can have another that will not conflict at the Network
> Node, because of the Namespaces there but, who needs this when dealing only
> with IPv6?! No one.
>  Look, this OpenStack approach of presenting Linux Namespaces as tenant
> routers, is AWESOME! It is a pretty good idea! I really like it but, it
> will be entirely optional when using with IPv6, since the Global Public
> IPv6 will never enter in conflict with each other "by its very nature"...
> I'm here saying this because I really want to see a single OpenStack
> option to completely disable "Floating IPs and NAT rules", like "Namespaces
> options" have its "allow_overlapping_ips = False / use_namespaces = False".
> I think that OpenStack should provides something like this:
> "use_floating_ips = False / use_nat = False" to disable it.
> What do you guys think?!
>  Cheers!
> Thiago
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