[Openstack] Odd glance trouble after Grizzly update

Jonathan Proulx jon at jonproulx.com
Mon Aug 12 19:09:32 UTC 2013

This is particularly odd since glance was working fine yesterday and to my
knowlege the only thing I did was turn on more compute nodes...

Now when I try and launch an instance it goes almost immediately to error
state with the fault:

{u'message': u'ImageNotFound', u'code': 404, u'details': u'Image
627b4902-f324-4615-a3bb-76f9fd22207a could not be found.', u'created':

I haven't yet found where the 404 is coming from, in debug mode the
glance-registry.log shows:

2013-08-12 15:03:33.541 INFO glance.registry.api.v1.images
[73bb53ea-be14-496b-9405-098ff8f432aa 0be8fa0d641a4e778b9262bd2e5f40b5
6f9adccbd03e4d2186756896957a14bf] Successfully retrieved image

which looks like success to me, also the python-glanceclient will happily
download the image.

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