[Openstack] OpenStack and its brilliant future with IPv6 and, we don't need...

Martinx - ジェームズ thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 19:51:18 UTC 2013


I'm designing my Cloud Computing still based on IPv4 but, I already started
to think on IPv6 every single day...

So, I'm figuring out that, when we have OpenStack working 100% with IPv6,
we'll not need the following features:

With IPv6, there is no need for:

1- NAT;

2- Floating IPs;

3- Use of Namespaces.

But, why?!

1- There is no NAT for IPv6 (since NAT was a hack / workaround to deal with
IPv4 exhaustion); Here in Brazil, we call NAT tables a huge "gambiarra"
(the worse thing of the old IPv4 networks, which the IPv6 gracefully
addresses it)...

2- Floating IPs are also NAT rules, no need for it;

3- Namespaces are used mostly to allow tenants to share the same IPv4
invalid subnet, for example, tenant A have and also tenant B
can have another that will not conflict at the Network Node,
because of the Namespaces there but, who needs this when dealing only with
IPv6?! No one.

 Look, this OpenStack approach of presenting Linux Namespaces as tenant
routers, is AWESOME! It is a pretty good idea! I really like it but, it
will be entirely optional when using with IPv6, since the Global Public
IPv6 will never enter in conflict with each other "by its very nature"...

I'm here saying this because I really want to see a single OpenStack option
to completely disable "Floating IPs and NAT rules", like "Namespaces
options" have its "allow_overlapping_ips = False / use_namespaces = False".

I think that OpenStack should provides something like this:
"use_floating_ips = False / use_nat = False" to disable it.

What do you guys think?!

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