[Openstack] nova-compute won't restart (on some nodes) after Grizzly upgrade

Jonathan Proulx jon at jonproulx.com
Wed Aug 7 21:35:52 UTC 2013

Hi All,

Apologies to those who saw this on the operators list earlier, there is a
bit of new info here & having gotten no response there thought I'd take it
to a wider audience...

I'm almost through my grizzly upgrade.  I'd upgraded everything except
nova-compute before upgrading that (ubuntu 12.04 cloud archieve pkgs).

On most nodes the nova-compute service upgraded and restarted properly, but
on some it imediately exits with:

CRITICAL nova [-] 'instance_type_memory_mb'

It would seem like this is https://code.launchpad.net/bugs/1161022 but the
fix for that was released in March and I've verified is in the packaged
version I'm using.

The referenced bug involves the DB migration only updating non-deleted
instances in the instance-system-metatata table and the patch skips the
lookups that are broken (and irrelevant) for deleted instances.

Tracing the DB calls from the host shows it is trying to do lookups for
instances that were deleted last October, which is a bit surprising as it's
run thousands of instances since & it's not looking those up.

It is note worthy that that is around the time I upgraded from Essex ->
Folsom so it's possible their state  is weirder than most having run
through that update.

There were directories for the instances in question in
/var/lib/nova/instances, so I thought "Aha!" and moved them, but on restart
I still get the same failure and same DB query for the old instances. Where
is nova getting the idea it should look these up & how can I stop it?

I've go so far as to generate instance_type_<foo> entries in the
instance_system_metadata table  for all instances ever on my deployment
(about 500k) but I still only have the cryptic "CRITICAL nova [-]
'instance_type_memory_mb'" error and a failure to start, so clearly I'm
casing the wrong problem some how.

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