[Openstack] Floating IP not binding to device

Bryan Solie bsolie at well.com
Wed Aug 7 09:56:51 UTC 2013

Hi all, 

I am trying to associate a floating IP with an existing instance.  I am running Xen hypervisor and nova network with Ubuntu 12.04 and grizzly.  I can create the floating IP range, but when I associate an IP with an instance, the firewall rules get added but the IP is not bound to the public interface.  ip addr show <dev> does not show the floating IP on the network controller node.  All is good after adding the address by hand. 

Additionally, the floating IPs are not shown as associated with a fixed IP under that Access and Security tab on horizon.  Additionally, I can associate a floating IP with an instance in horizon, but when I try to dissociate an IP from the instance, I get a response that says no floating IPs assigned to that instance.  I don't know if this database weirdness is linked to the other issue. 

I took a look at the code, and it appears I am running through linux_net.ensure_floating_forward in l3.py (the firewall rules are there, and I get debug messages around the iptables-save and iptables-restore calls), but I don't get any debug output for the rootwrap in bind_floating_ip.  I don't see an obvious path that doesn't include both of these calls.  I am totally a Python newbie, so  I may be misunderstanding something. 

Any thoughts on how to run this down further? 


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