[Openstack] python-novaclient 2.14.0 released

Russell Bryant rbryant at redhat.com
Tue Aug 6 14:16:01 UTC 2013


I just pushed out a new release of python-novaclient - 2.14.0.  This
release contains a number of features and bug fixes from the last 4 months.

Here is a list of changes in this release:

Feature commits include:

0d45408 Support programmatic use of disk config extension
8b5dcee Add user quota client API support
4025b7e Add name argument to aggregate commands
de250bf Add name argument to hypervisor commands
cc2c0a8 Enable force_delete and restore instance via novaclient.
d095b8a CLI for disable service reason
2770e05 Adds zsh completion
ea47123 Return Customer's Quota Usage through Admin API
267dbd2 Support force update quota
ee411a6 Cells Support
be299d8 Adds support for ExtendedFloatingIps APi extension
7f03b09 Migrate each instances of a host to another.
0d678ed Evacuate each instance from one host to another
87bd54f The 'nova keypair-show key_name' command added.
37da28c Provide nova CLI man page.
789d156 Allow deleting multiple images from shell
d43b923 Delete a quota through admin api.
50fe79b Add 'flavor-list --all' admin switch
328805f Add coverage-reset command to reset Nova coverage data.

Everything else:

ec58616 Sync with global requirements
852e2e5 Check whether the security group id is integer
7fdb52a Fixing host-action on V2
ddda3f3 Fix net-id metavar for interface-attach
5fe9408 make findall in novaclient/base.py more efficient
8311862 Fix the help text process and the generated wrong help
0d061f0 Merge v1_1's base module into main base module
3f0312e Remove python 2.4 and python 2.5 support.
1b5ed91 recognize 429 as an rate limiting status
f702c25 Fix backwards-incompatible API change (method signature)
af7ca70 Fix and enable gating on H402
c360c3e Add AgregatesManager.get()
f50ff36 Skip setting volume_size if not given
70e6cd9 Fix interface-list got none mac address.
b5c9101 Remove uncessary code related to nova start/stop
912288c make v2_auth and plugin_auth explictly return their results
a5558f8 Sync install_venv_common from oslo
1b3cd6f Clean up and make HACKING.rst point to openstack-dev/hacking
02f906b Allow tenant ID for authentication
c7e9b1b Bring stdout/stderr capturing in line w/ nova
0134008 Fixup trivial License Header mismatch.
b526c9b Remove Diablo compatibility options
07fd520 python3: Fix print statements
a25d4fe python3: Compatibility for iteritems differences
8c4e145 python3: Fix unicode compatibility python2/python3
909a53b Discard possibly expired token before re-authenticating
85a4f6c Update help for --nic opt and make net-id or port-id required
3457394 Remove explicit distribute depend.
cdee7e1 Set default value of flavorid to "auto"
96706d5 Set/Delete metadata on all instances of a host.
e476179 Use Python 3.x compatible except: construct
fa0d6e8 Exit w/ valid code when no servers are deleted.
8820623 python3: Introduce py33 to tox.ini
67c8055 Start using Hacking and PyFlakes
66a9896 Add update method of security group name and description
def5df2 Fix shell tests for older prettytable versions.
a8ed2f2 Improve error messages for invalid --nic / --file.
ff85bd4 100% test coverage for security groups and rules
f2559c4 Add MethodNotAllowed and Conflict exception classes
c34c371 Move tests into the novaclient package.
51f0596 Add CONTRIBUTING file.
3bbdcda Rename requires files to standard names.
1a0b7b0 Code cleanup in advance of flake8.
9d4db6f Migrate to flake8.
c305a45 Revert "Support force update quota"
e8e7a0e Only add logging handlers if there currently aren't any
d274077 Convert to more modern openstack-common.conf format.
ecbf770 Cleanup unused local variables
bc0ad1c Reuse oslo for is_uuid_like() implementation
20a3595 Synchronize code from oslo
f08ac04 Migrate to pbr.
b1802a5 Cleanup nova subcommands for security groups and rules
c9fc9b5 Make ManagerWithFind abstract and fix its descendants
3c97f76 Cleanup some flavor commands
075e9ca Fix the default parameter in print_list
e745b46 Fix for --bridge-interface being ignore by nova network-create
a3a7ebf Add setuptools_git-*.egg to .gitignore
eae3d72 Expose retry_after attribute of OverLimit exception
e009bec Adds extended status fields to nova list
201b74b Clean up exceptions.from_response
c15c8f8 Synchronize code from oslo
e5d2e2c Fix nova instance-action-list output field and order
3396894 Make list flavor show extra specs optional.
27e904a Use HTTP keep-alive feature in HTTPClient class
dccdd02 Cleanup unused import
c230812 Make --vlan option work in network-create in VLAN mode
e8b665e Support force update quota
2a495c0 make sure .get() also updates _info
1216a32 Fixing shell command 'service-disable' description
69f9971 Correct a unit test failure that crept into trunk
8ce2330 Fix problem with nova --version
ea94b09 Make "multi_host" True when it is set to 'T' in network_create.
20ede68 Fix IBM copyright strings
90b3a1c Allow for bypass_url when using proxy_token


Russell Bryant

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