[Openstack] Changing DNS on Nova Network

Joshua Skains Joshua.Skains at evault.com
Fri Aug 2 16:49:01 UTC 2013

Found out the problem was far simpler to correct, but possibly exposes a bug.

I made the changes to flat network dns server entry in nova.conf, but nova-network does NOT properly restart dnsmasq. I actually had to killall dnsmasq and then restart nova-network.

Now dnsmasq is properly querying our DNS servers.


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Hello , or rather you can create a dnsmasq file , specifying it in nova.conf , --dnsmasq_config_file=/etc/nova/dnsmasq.conf and in dnsmasq file giving option as dhcp-option=6,<dnsserverip>, so every machine would get that dns.
Even for different internal networks you can give different dns using this file.

On Fri, Aug 2, 2013 at 12:00 AM, Joshua Skains <Joshua.Skains at evault.com<mailto:Joshua.Skains at evault.com>> wrote:
root at devops8:~# nova-manage network list
id   IPv4              IPv6           start address  DNS1           DNS2           VlanID         project        uuid
1<>    None          None           None           None           7426b017-f60e-4870-b81e-055cc657ec3d

I need to change DNS1 to another address. How can I do that without deleting the entire thing (which is impossible with 20 Vms on there)? I have searched the docs and it seems not to specify.


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