[Openstack] Associating virtual instance NICs to specific networks in quantum

Balamurugan V G balamuruganvg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 04:26:42 UTC 2012

Lets says, I create a Linux virtual Instance in an OpenStack private cloud
and associate the instance with two networks; A & B. It seems to associate
eth0 and eth1 to A and B respectively. But is there any way in which I can
specify that eth0 should be attached to network B and eth1 should be
attached to network A.

The quantum CLI 'quantum port-create' accepts just device-id and network-id
which is not sufficient to achieve the level of specificity I believe. Can
this be achieved today?

Also when will the Horizon UI and Quantum REST API reach feature parity
with the Quantum CLI? will it be in Grizzly or later?

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