[Openstack] moving cloud controller to another IP network

Roman Shiryaev shiryaev at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 13:44:26 UTC 2012


Currently we have the following simple infrastructure (Essex release):
single cloud controller with all services (except nova-compute)
running and 3 compute nodes with nova-compute only.

We are going to change IP addresses on public interfaces for each
OpenStack's machine.
Let's assume that I've already changed config files.

What database changes  are required for successful move?

I guess the most important is to change endpoint in Keystone DB.  At
the moment every endpoint contain an old IP address of our cloud
controller. So we need to adjust them (using `keystone
endpoint-create` command).

Could you tell me what else? And what is the right sequence to apply
the changes?


Roman Shiryaev

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