[Openstack] instance is stopped automatically

韦远科 weiyuanke123 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 12:49:40 UTC 2012

hi all,

I installed openstack(Folsom) on ubuntu 12.04. Everythiong seems to be ok.
instance can be started, but after sometime the instance will automatically

in the log:
*DEBUG:nova.openstack.common.rpc.amqp:received* {u'_context_roles':
[u'admin'], u'_context_request_id':
u'req-035e4954-94fd-4050-bccf-4b87de89366a', ... ... u'_context_timestamp':
u'2012-12-13T12:37:29.488625', u'_context_read_deleted': u'no',
u'_context_user_id': None, *u'method': u'stop_instance'*,
u'_context_remote_address': None}

what might be the problem?

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