[Openstack] What is the difference between Disk and Volume?

Jaeki Hong jaeki.hong at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 07:12:46 UTC 2012

Hi, all~

I got a question about making instance and attaching volume.

I deployed Openstack and succeed the some tutorials.

so I launched instance at Horizon with m1.small Flavor which include 1
VCPUs, Root /disk 20GB, Total Disk 20GB, and RAM 2048M.

and also I used Ubuntu ISO image to install OS in the instance.

but I couldn't install Ubuntu in the instance because there was no

so, I tried to install Ubuntu after making and attaching volume. and it

i'm just curious about why i couldn't install OS on the DISK that I made at

Do I always need to make and attach volumes to install OS?

I want to use compute nods's local storage as an instance's disk.
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