[Openstack] Instance flavor root disk partition problem

João Soares joaosoares at ua.pt
Tue Dec 11 20:46:26 UTC 2012



I have set up a CentOS VM according to this tutorial



I uploaded it to glance and can boot up a nice instance (1cpu, 1GB RAM). The
disk size is 10GB because that is the size I set up for the image.

However my problem comes when I want to set a root disk, e.g. 15GB. The
Instance boots normally, if I do an fdisk –l I can see that the size of the
disk is 15GB however the partition still has the original size, i.e. 10GB,
and if a do a df –h it in fact only says I have 10GB.


This does not happen for example with the cirros image. How can I make the
15GB available on the VM when it boots?




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