[Openstack] I can use Swift in Horizon but not with the CLI...

Emilio GarcĂ­a emilio.garcia at cloudreach.co.uk
Fri Dec 7 16:10:55 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I configured swift, first with tempauth. I checked the CLI worked fine.
Then I integrated with with keystone. Now I can create containers and
folders from Horizon... but for some reason I cannot from the CLI. I always
get 401!

swift -A -U system:swift -K xxxxxxxx stat
Auth GET failed: 401 Unauthorized

swift -A -U admin:admin -K xxxxxxxx stat
Auth GET failed: 401 Unauthorized

I am using Folsom in Ubuntu 12.04.

How do I have to use the CLI command now?! If the UI can create and upload
objects... it has to be something wrong with how do I invoke the command


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