[Openstack] Openstack Nova/Quantum :; api-paste.ini file

Trinath Somanchi trinath.somanchi at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 10:41:48 UTC 2012


What is the significance of api-paste.ini file in the configuration of nova
and quantum and other modules of openstack?

How this configuration is parsed and used? by which api of the openstack

My quantum api-paste.ini looks this way.

use = egg:Paste#urlmap
/: quantumversions
/v2.0: quantumapi_v2_0

use = call:quantum.auth:pipeline_factory
noauth = extensions quantumapiapp_v2_0
keystone = authtoken keystonecontext extensions quantumapiapp_v2_0

paste.filter_factory = quantum.auth:QuantumKeystoneContext.factory

paste.filter_factory = keystone.middleware.auth_token:filter_factory
auth_host = localhost
auth_port = 35357
auth_protocol = http
admin_tenant_name = service
admin_user = quantum
admin_password = password

paste.filter_factory =

paste.app_factory = quantum.api.versions:Versions.factory

paste.app_factory = quantum.api.v2.router:APIRouter.factory

What does these "[  ]" arguments mean?

Can any one kindly help me understand these doubts.

thanks in advance.

Trinath Somanchi,
+91 9866 235 130
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