[Openstack] Why my vm often change into shut off status by itself?

Wangpan hzwangpan at corp.netease.com
Thu Dec 6 04:48:54 UTC 2012

if the hypervisor is kvm, you can check the qemu log is there any exceptions, like /var/log/libvirt/qemu/instance-00000111.log
if Xen used, log file is at /var/log/xen/qemu-*.log



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主题:Re: [Openstack] Why my vm often change into shut off status by itself?
收件人:"Wangpan"<hzwangpan at corp.netease.com>

Thank you for answer.
My image is OK,after vm created, I can login my instance.
I have many virtual machines running (10+), generally after a few days(1+) a virtual machine automatic shutoff occurs.Yesterday, the situation becomes worse, suddenly all the virtual machines all shut off.I did not see anything unusual logs in nova (did not see the warning/error)

I use devstack , and nova version is(last commit):
*   commit 3d418dcf860894523eff62a8338d09d58e994b0e

  Merge: e76848a 8b4896b
 Author: Jenkins <jenkins at review.openstack.org>
 Date:   Sun Nov 4 00:49:54 2012 +0000

     Merge "handles empty dhcp_domain with hostname in metadata" into stable/folsom

And I do not upgrade nova.

2012/12/6 Wangpan <hzwangpan at corp.netease.com>

hi pengyuwei,
I guess may be your image of VMs is broken,so your VMs will shutoff after being created,
just a guess.
good luck!



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主题:[Openstack] Why my vm often change into shut off status by itself?
收件人:"openstack"<openstack at lists.launchpad.net>

My virtual machine created, often in the absence of intervention into the stopped state: 

pyw at ven-1:~/devstack$ virsh list --all
 Id Name                 State
  - instance-00000040    shut off

  - instance-00000044    shut off
  - instance-00000045    shut off
  - instance-00000046    shut off
  - instance-00000047    shut off
  - instance-0000005b    shut off
  - instance-0000005e    shut off
  - instance-00000065    shut off
  - instance-0000006e    shut off
  - instance-00000075    shut off
  - instance-00000076    shut off
  - instance-00000077    shut off
  - instance-0000007c    shut off
  - instance-0000007d    shut off
  - instance-00000081    shut off
  - instance-00000082    shut off
  - instance-00000083    shut off
  - instance-00000084    shut off
  - instance-00000085    shut off

query the nova the database, you can see:
vm_state: stopped
Why is this?
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