[Openstack] Understanding "flavors" of VM

Ahmed Al-Mehdi ahmedalmehdi at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 18:03:45 UTC 2012


I instantiated a VM using the cirros image, using the pre-defined
"m1.small" (1 VCPU, 2 GB Ram, 20G boot disk, 0 Ephemeral disk).  I then
logged into the console of the VM to view some system stats.  The num of
CPU and memory makes sense, but I am a bit confused on the storage aspect.
 I see the output of "df -h " as following:

$ df -h
Filesystem              Size         Used            Available      Use%
  Mounted on
/dev                  1001.1M              0              1001.1M
0%         /dev
/dev/vda1             23.2M        12.9M                   9.1M       59%
tmpfs                1004.1M              0              1004.1M         0%
tmpfs                  200.0K        20.0K                180.0K       10%

What is the difference between Boot disk and Ephemeral disk?

How can I correlate the 20G boot disk to the output of "df -h".

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