[Openstack] Feature Freeze status

Rick Clark rick at openstack.org
Mon Mar 28 22:38:27 UTC 2011

Blueprints serve three purposes.  I don't claim they do them well, or
that we are using them well

1) they help us schedule technical discussions at the summit.  We could
obviously do it some other way, but that is on of the current uses.

2) They let the various dev groups know what is being worked on, so we
don't duplicate efforts. and lets multiple groups know the approved
architecture based on the summit discussions.

3) They let non-technical people follow the development cycle.  This is
the most important use, in my opinion.  There are project managers,
product managers, marketing and PR people, and executives, and more.
They all need to either follow the dev cycle, or know what features are
going to hit, or miss, ahead of release.  It is not reasonable for those
folks to have to read the MP's

TBH, right now, blueprints are not optimal.  The Launchpad team is
rewriting blueprints to use the Launchpad bug engine.  This hopefully
will fix some of the glaring problems.  Like not being able to have a
linear discussion.


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