[Openstack] how to test an open-source iaas management platform such as openstack, eucalyptus

michael_chin1979 michael_chin1979 at 163.com
Tue Mar 22 15:22:25 UTC 2011

hello ,everyone ,thanks for your reply to my previous question. Acturally i wanna know whether the open-source IaaS management platform is suitable for providing IaaS service for our customers. Before that ,we have to do some basic tests about function and performance and capability. Now I really do not know what i should do for the basic test? for example, we have to verify the performance of the platform, maybe we will simulate 1000 more users to simultaneously send the request of resource, we will know whether this platform will be broken down or not. That is the one of the most important for us . just like the test mentioned before, what else should i have to do to verify. 
many thanks 
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