[Openstack] [Merge] lp:~mdragon/nova/multi-tenant-accounting into lp:nova

Justin Santa Barbara justin at fathomdb.com
Fri Mar 4 20:13:50 UTC 2011

>>  I think, really, we are getting off on a tangent here. The purpose of
> multitenant is to have a label ('account' or 'project' or whatever.... )
> that we tag resources (instances, etc) in nova with so that we can group
> together usage reports, etc, that go to some system outside of openstack for
> reporting/billing/etc purpose.
I think the purpose of "multitenant" is to support multiple tenants :-)
  It's not clear to me that you can't do this multi-tenant billing /
reporting with what we have today - without changing the URL, we know the
user-id today (with our 'stub' auth).  We'll likely know _more_ when
"real-auth" lands.

Can you explain what the proposed patch actually achieves?

I think maybe the problem is that the patches are "in the wrong order" - I'm
guessing you have a billing/reporting solution and know that this is
required, but you haven't contributed it yet.  Without that, we can't see
the reason why you were motivated to make this change.  (This out-of-order
patching is something I'm very guilty of as well!)

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