[Openstack] [RFC] OpenStack API

John Purrier john at openstack.org
Sun Jan 2 05:18:26 UTC 2011

Sounds like we need to update the blueprints for Bexar (quickly) to include
the OpenStack API 1.0 command line tools. I believe Sandy Walsh is working
on these.

Dendrobates/Pvo, can we *quickly* get an accurate status on the 1.0 API and
timing for Bexar?

Here is the minimal set of functionality we need in Bexar, I believe:

a.       The implementation of the OpenStack API framework is complete, with
the ability to return a "not implemented" indicator if the function is not
available. This may occur due to differences in hypervisor support or due to
work in progress.
b.       The current OpenStack API is version 1.0, this matches the version
of the Rackspace Cloud Servers API in production in the cloud.
c.       Work needs to be done to setup and publish an OpenStack namespace.
Additionally, the source will need to be updated to return the correct
namespace URL. 
d.       Work is in progress to implement a set of tools (think eucatools
functionality) to allow Nova to be set up and administered through the
OpenStack API. Need to verify that this functionality will hit in Bexar.

e.       Bexar will present a version 1.0 OpenStack API based on the 1.0
Rackspace Cloud Servers API. The OpenStack namespace will be set up and
published, and tools will be available that manipulate Nova via the
OpenStack API. Any functionality that is not yet implemented will be
documented in the developer's guide.


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Jorge Williams wrote:
> Right.  API extensions are part of the OpenStack compute API 1.1. Step 4
states that that's not in the roadmap until Cactus.  Step 1 is an
implementation of the existing Cloud Servers API 1.0 as it exists today --
without extension support, the idea is that this should be available in

The plan also mentions command-line tools.

> Thierry, are you saying that we're not on track for that?

I'm saying that apparently nobody is working on that, since we had no
discussions about it at the summit, and filed no blueprints about it.
Therefore it's not part of the Bexar plan, and I have not tracked its
status. People might have worked on it outside the summit/blueprint
process, or it might already be in a sufficiently good state for Bexar
(I'll spend some cycles back from vacation next week to evaluate that).
If someone has an accurate picture of current status vs. Bexar goal,
I'll take it.

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