[Openstack] Novatools ... where to place in /nova/?

Sandy Walsh sandy.walsh at RACKSPACE.COM
Thu Feb 24 21:10:44 UTC 2011

Yup, this looks like the "super tool" that jay was talking of earlier (odd too, since that's something I'm using accused of being) 

I kind of like it as well, since it permits swift, nova and glance to have their own client tools, but fit within the larger umbrella (and tab-completion/hints work ;) We just need to make sure each toolset shares a common infrastructure so it can plug in.

That said, for now I'm going to move novatools into nova, rename to oscompute and get on with my life. 

Unless anyone screams, I'll put it in nova/clients/python/oscompute

/me <plugs ears> "I can't hear anyone. la la la"

From: Ewan Mellor [Ewan.Mellor at eu.citrix.com]
I'd definitely approve of something "xe-like".

$ os vm-create
$ os user-list
$ os network-attach

That looks pretty neat to me.


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