[Openstack] using tox for virtualenv builds

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Fri Dec 30 22:01:00 UTC 2011

Hey all!

I've been poking around at a few things over the last week or so, and I
thought I'd put some thoughts out there for everyone.

There are two issues that have been driving the work:

1) We need to be able to sensibly run unit tests against multiple python
versions (specifically 2.6 and 2.7 at the moment)

2) I'd like to reduce the amount of boilerplate or (even worse) modified
boiler plate code that we have copied around in all of our repos. (it
makes incorporating new projects painful)

I could solve (1) with matrix builds in jenkins, but that doesn't help
put any tooling in the hands of devs so that they can run those tests
locally before submitting.

To this end, (and thanks to a config file that was in
python-keystoneclient) I've been exploring the tool tox. tox actually
addresses both of the above points out of the box. tox allows you to
specify multiple virtualenv environments you want to run against, and
will happily do the testing in each of them. It's testing tool agnostic
(essentially, it does pretty much the same thing that install_venv.py
and with_venv.py do, except across multiple environments)

An example tox.ini file for glance looks like this:

envlist = py26,py27

deps = -r{toxinidir}/tools/pip-requires
commands = /bin/bash run_tests.sh -N

commands = pep8 --repeat glance

If you run:

# tox

You get run_tests.sh -N run against a python2.6 and a python2.7 virtual
env. If you run:

# tox -e py27

You get just tests against 2.7. If you run:

# tox -e pep8

You get the pep8 run in a venv.

Because we can reference our existing pip-requires files, we can add the
tox.ini files without really impacting anything else for the purposes of
kicking the tires.

What I'd like to do going forward is this;

- propose some patches to projects which add a tox.ini file and send out
some instructions for people to try using it

- if we like it, modify the jenkins jobs to start invoking tox instead
of run_tests,sh

- eventually, if we're happy, make run_tests.sh just a simple wrapper
script which calls tox with a few parameters and remove install_venv.sh
and with_venv.sh

Upstream for tox has been pretty responsive so far - and I'm working on
a patch that we would need to land in order for us to be able to do our
venv pre-caching in jenkins properly - so any features we might need in
it should be easy enough to deal with. However, so far I haven't found
anything we currently do that it can't pretty much already handle.

Any thoughts or feedback? (Most importantly, are there any drastic
objections to further investigation of it as a tool to use here?)


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