[Openstack] Multinode installation (with devstack on the master)

Frost Dragon frostdragon777 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 08:00:35 UTC 2011

Hi, is the fixed_range in my localrc for both nodes. My
second node doesn't have direct access to the public network. It has only
one interface (eth1) connected to the private network. It has an ip of Is there a way set this node up as a compute node without
connecting eth0 to the public network? I read that deploying openstack is
possible without 2 NICs. Also, would putting my vms in my manage network
help? Because the VMs on my master node work fine. Its only on the compute
nodes that I'm having issues. I was thinking that it had something to do
with all my nova.conf parameters pointing to an unused eth0 interface on my
compute node (please see my previous posts for more details on my network

Thanks and regards,

Is each machine configured with an address in the range, and
> is that network otherwise configured?  It sounds like you have not fully
> configured the instance network.  Typically for deployments with FlatDHCP,
> there are at least 3 networks - one public, one management, and one for
> instances.  Each of these is usually on its on physical network interface
> or vlan.
> If this is just for testing, you can also try putting your vms inside your
> manage-net (say the upper part of, which can be
> convenient for testing but not generally a good idea.
> Anthony
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