[Openstack] Gerrit Workflow Changes

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Wed Dec 28 01:53:20 UTC 2011

corvus at inaugust.com (James E. Blair) writes:

> Hi,
> Monty and I have been working on a solution to a number of problems
> and suggested enhancements to Gerrit.  In short, we're planning on
> adding a new review type to Gerrit so that a core reviewer can
> specifically mark a review as "Approved" for Jenkins to test and
> merge.  This will end our overloading of the "+2" code review for that
> purpose.  We're planning on upgrading Jenkins and making these changes
> on Tuesday, December 27th.

This work is complete.

Here's what you (particularly core reviewers) need to know about
reviewing changes:

 * Code review +2 votes will no longer trigger Jenkins.

 * Core reviewers may now feel free to vote with any value between -2
   and +2 on any change.  They should vote +2 if they want their vote to
   be counted as meeting the inclusion criteria of "positive reviews
   from at least 2 core developers".  Such votes from core reviewers are
   now easily visible on the review page.

 * To approve a change and start the merge process, core reviewers
   should vote +1 in the "Approved" category (click the review button
   again, and only change the value for the "Approved" category).

 * Core reviewers should periodically scan for reviews that are ready
   for approval and approve them if they feel they have been
   sufficiently reviewed and the inclusion criteria are met.

 * There is a new column, labeled "A", on all the pages where changes
   are listed that corresponds to the "Approved" category ("V" and "R"
   are "Verified" and "Code Review" respectively).  That should help
   make visible reviews that have at least one core reviewer but haven't
   yet been approved.

Here is an example of what the votes for a review should look like now;
this review has 2 reviews from core reviewers, was then approved, and
then Jenkins verified the change and merged it:


Please contact me (jeblair) or Monty (mtaylor) on IRC if you run into a
problem or need any help with the new process.



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