[Openstack] Swift slow write performance

Rustam Aliyev rustam at code.az
Thu Dec 22 11:05:59 UTC 2011

Hi All,

After few more days of checks I couldn't resolve it. I think I tried 
pretty much everything.

I tend to think that the problem is CentOS/RHEL 5.x and the following error:

     Dec 22 05:03:24 ec01 object-server STDOUT: WARNING:root:Unable to 
locate fallocate in libc.  Leaving as a no-op.

I think the lack of fallocate() in EL5 kernel hinders sequential 
read/write operation. When multiple streams are writing data (3x object 
data + local and remote container updates), disk i/o degrades 
significantly. I tried to fix it by replacing fallocate() with 
posix_fallocate() ( http://paste.openstack.org/show/3932/ ), but things 
gone even worse. This is my theory and unfortunately I don't have a way 
to prove it.

Based on that, I think authors need to make clear that Swift is not 
supported on EL5 and minimum version should be EL6 (where fallocate() 
exists) or fix it in swift.


On 20/12/2011 13:59, Ywang225 wrote:
> Both Metadata.update() and container_update() should apply on all 
> replicas, and metadata.update() will write xattrs, and 
> container_update() will  write to sqlite db files. Surprisingly to see 
> so long time to update both.
> --ywang
> 发自我的 iPhone
> 在 2011-12-20,19:13,Rustam Aliyev <rustam at code.az 
> <mailto:rustam at code.az>> 写道:
>> Hi Mike,
>> Thanks, I didn't know that PUT operation also includes updating 
>> replica containers. That makes sense. I will check that.
>> In the mean time I've added debug checkpoints into PUT operation to 
>> measure different steps. Modified code is here: 
>> http://paste.openstack.org/show/3899/ (original: 
>> https://github.com/openstack/swift/blob/master/swift/obj/server.py#L530). 
>> Basically, I added some self.logger.debug() with timestamp in few places.
>> I'm not python dev and don't know swift internals, so it's quite 
>> possible that I've got something wrong. In any case here are few 
>> sample results: http://paste.openstack.org/show/3900/
>> Basically, there are 2 steps which take too long:
>>  1. write metadata (line #63 of the first paste, metadata.update()),
>>     this takes 0.5-1.0 sec!
>>  2. update container (line #85, self.container_update()), this is
>>     second slowest, also in the range of ~0.5-1.0 sec.
>> I assume that self.container_update() includes replica updates. But 
>> why does metadata.update() takes so long? Does it also imply replica 
>> updates?
>> Overall, I have to say that troubleshooting of swift is impossible. 
>> There's almost no difference between log levels INFO and DEBUG. Would 
>> be nice to have some more info in DEBUG and even TRACE level for this 
>> kinda problems.
>> --
>> Rustam.
>> On 20/12/2011 04:41, Michael Barton wrote:
>>> On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 6:21 AM, Rustam Aliyev<rustam at code.az  <mailto:rustam at code.az>>  wrote:
>>>> The only thing which looks suspicious to me are these errors:
>>>> Dec 18 04:01:28 ec01 object-server ERROR container update failed with
>>>> (saving for async update later): Timeout (3s) (txn:
>>>> txdf95ad5a10844ee0b74d70d8a7638082)
>>>> Dec 18 04:01:28 ec01 object-server ERROR container update failed with
>>>> (saving for async update later): Timeout (3s) (txn:
>>>> txee2545ba4610430fa3a6a166ca50c574)
>>>> Dec 18 04:01:28 ec01 object-server ERROR container update failed with
>>>> (saving for async update later): Timeout (3s) (txn:
>>>> tx2546b29b15c643ec90a122a753dfddd3)
>>> Yeah, that is likely to be the culprit.  Each write is taking at least
>>> 3 seconds because it's timing out trying to update the container
>>> servers.
>>> So you need to debug connectivity from this object server to those IP
>>> addresses on port 6001 -- that the IP addresses and port are correct,
>>> everything's on the same network, there aren't any firewall rules
>>> blocking those connections, that the container servers are running and
>>> accepting connections, etc.  I'll read through your paste in a bit and
>>> see if I notice anything.
>>> -- Mike
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