[Openstack] [Ops] Admin API: Actions to perform on accounts

Duncan McGreggor duncan at dreamhost.com
Tue Dec 20 17:40:23 UTC 2011

Hey Ops folks,

There is a blueprint on LP for admin account actions that is set as a
high priority, but is missing the following information:
 * status
 * series goal
 * milestone target

The blueprint is here:

Devin Carlen, I see that a branch you own has been attached to this
blueprint; are you working on this? Does your branch intend to cover all
the work? Or are you going to split it over multiple branches? If you're
working on this blueprint, do you expect to complete it for this

If the latter, could you provide a list of work items you (or someone
else) needs to complete for the feature to be complete? I'll update the
blueprint with that info as well as the status/series goal/milestone




Duncan McGreggor
OpenStack, Ops Sub-Team Lead

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