[Openstack] Swift client tool

Kuo Hugo tonytkdk at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 16:38:22 UTC 2011

Several options

1. Cyberduck (for Mac & Win only) , swift will present like a FTP server
user experience for you
2. Gladinet desktop (free version) , under gladinet , you might get feel
swift more like a NAS device ... but only for static object files , not
that easy to setup a gladinet compatible swift environment . It requires
SSL and validate SSL certification .
Only for Win OS
3. Under Linux , you can leverage swift client , the easiest way is
#apt-get install swift
4. Write your own client by call swift client module
5. Write your own client through swift API endpoint
6. Using OpenStack Dashboard , it includes Swift feature. but it requires
keystone integration
7. develop your own Web server for access Swift

We can confirm all approaches above .  but might need to dig out some more
tricky skill from google .

If your swift only for personal usage , you can easily install cyberduck to
access swift. In my using , I just need to setup auth server endpoint
manually in cyberduck's configuration file to point the correct auth server
endpoint  which depends on your auth server .
more information plz goole it .
Feel free to drop your question over here . I'll have an answer for you as
I can.

+Hugo Kuo+
tonytkdk at gmail.com
hugo.kuo at cloudena.com

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