[Openstack] Newby question

Alexandre Parenteau aubonbeurre at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 07:21:14 UTC 2011


For my company, I'd like to set-up a nova-compute All-In-One node, to
replace a eucalyptus cluster which is showing age.

Unfortunately I'm not well versed in networking, and have trouble
grasping the difference between the multiple network managers, but I
think I would need a Flat mode in my case.

I have a simple question: could someone please provide a functional
euca.conf, that is using only one NIC, and the relative
/etc/network/interfaces, for Ubuntu 11.10/Diablo?

Help much appreciated!


p.s.: as a side node, I tried everywhere  the web for an explanation
of how 'nova-manage network' relates to the flags passed inside

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