[Openstack] Metadata and File Injection

McNally, Dave dave.mcnally at hp.com
Wed Dec 14 14:04:13 UTC 2011


I've recently been looking at file and metadata injection in Nova and I have a question relating to it.

(BTW this is based off what I have seen in nova/virt/disk.py)

I notice that for key/value pairs specified as metadata during boot of an instance these values are injected into a file /meta.js in the instance. However if a file (and corresponding injection location) are specified when booting the instance the file does not get injected.

I was wondering if there was an intentional decision not to use a similar method to that used when injecting meta.js to inject other files? Because it seems to me the addition of such functionality would be fairly straightforward.

Also on a vaguely related note why is the metadata injected into a file rather than stored in a location where it can be retrieved from the metadata service?


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