[Openstack] Openstack Dashboard mismatch issue.

ygsnian ygsnian ygsnian at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 16:27:52 UTC 2011

Hi openstack list,

Currently, we are enabling dashboard in Openstack (diablo version)
and meet a lot of mismatch issues.
We used grid dynamic packed openstack within RHEL6 like this:
$sudo rpm -i wget

The mismatch issues that we met:
1. Dashboard got the response data from keystone, but the data
structure mismatched between dashboard and keystone:
For example, In dashboard, role_id or user_id are actually the role's
name and the user's name. Then it passes role_id OR user_id to
keystone. However, keystone expects the role's id AND the user's id to
perform the task.
2. Some method mismatches in openstackx and keystone.
For example, openstackx uses "POST" but keystone accepts only "PUT".
3. Others...
So that, in order to enable the Dashboard, we need to debug the code
for each item in Dashboard for Diablo openstack.

My questions are:
1. What openstack version and Dashboard version are the dashboard
developers  working based on?
2. How future plan to solve this dependence issue between Dashboard
and other project (nova, keystone and etc.)
3. If we has some fix in old version, what kind of thing we can do
best to make it aviable for future release?

Thank you!

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