[Openstack] Nova Subteam Changes

Soren Hansen soren at linux2go.dk
Sat Dec 10 09:12:06 UTC 2011

2011/12/10 Trey Morris <trey.morris at rackspace.com>:
> This problem has to have been solved before. Anyone know how
> multinational companies deal with meetings?

The distro team meetings at Canonical used to rotate 8 hours every week
to distribute the pain. Eventually, though, we gave up having these big
meetings altogether.

> Also, Soren, to be fair, I'm don't believe I've heard anyone propose a
> meeting that wasn't on ~utc-7 business time, yourself included.

No, because I try not to propose meetings at all :)

> Maybe there should be some give and take here? Perhaps this is where
> give starts.. What time works for you?

It certainly does seem fitting that the most pain falls upon the person
proposing the meeting. Let's call it an incentive for people to not call
meetings :)

My business hours are 9 - 17 (5 PM) CET.

In Central Time, that's 2 AM - 10 AM.
In Pacific Time, that's 12 AM - 8 AM.
In Japanese time, that's 17 - 1 AM.

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