[Openstack] trusted computing and nova

Yang, Fred fred.yang at intel.com
Fri Dec 9 20:18:51 UTC 2011

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> I suggested a couple alternative solutions for implementations in one
> of the reviews.  Hoping to hear back from fred yang/intel on whether
> one of those solutions will work.  Copied suggestions here in case
> anyone else is following along.
> Brian Waldon and I were discussing the possibility of a couple
> different approach for trusted computing which wouldn't require adding
> a separate component and scheduler.
> 1. add an admin api to add and remove hosts from an availabilty zone.
> Then the component that is verifying trust could periodically check the
> hosts and remove them from the trusted zone if they fail. The scheduler
> could just use regular availability-zone scheduling to send the hosts
> to the trusted zone.
Service providers can have mixed computing nodes of trusted or non-trusted nodes dispatched pending on subscribers' demands.  The intent is to make "trust" to be transparent to providers' zone setup
> 2. rather than verify trust during schedule, provide an external
> service that is exposed to users where they could verify trust. They
> could basically request the trust state of an instance. The service
> would speak to nova through an admin api to discover which host the
> instance is running on and verify the trustedness of the host, and
> return "trusted" to the user if the node passes.
If understand correctly, this approach is to address after fact that Nova scheduler have selected-and-run instance.  This approach can directly impact/break subscriber's needs/data already since instance  has been started and would need subscribers intervention.  This is why we need to perform scanning through scheduler

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