[Openstack] Nova Subteam Changes

Soren Hansen soren at linux2go.dk
Fri Dec 9 11:40:12 UTC 2011

2011/12/8 Vishvananda Ishaya <vishvananda at gmail.com>:
> I'm hesitant to do more meetings as well, but we do need some
> coordination.

I call false dichotomy on this. I don't buy the "without meetings, we
can't coordinate anything" notion.

> I will leave the one for Monday on the board for now.   Lets have one
> meeting with the goal being to never need another one.

Ok. Let me know how it goes. :) As I said, I can't attend.

> IDEA: We could have a "status" etherpad that everyone could keep
> updated each week with current tasks, important blueprints, concerns
> etc.

What would that gain us compared to a status e-mail? The benefits of
using e-mail instead of Etherpad:

 * They're easier to look up after the fact (mailing list arcvhies are
   already set up).
 * It enables dialogue about the contents.
 * Having to click the send button motivates you to actually finish it.

Compared to IRC meetings:

 * No need for everyone to be in the same place at the same time.
 * No need for everyone to sit through a meeting where only a fraction
   of the topics are relevant to them.
 * Mailing list archives makes it simple to look up past discussions.
 * Much looser time limits. If I need to test a hypothesis before I make
   a statement, I can do that on my own time. That's very hard to do
   during a synchronous meeting.

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