[Openstack] Openstack with XenServer

Ewan Mellor Ewan.Mellor at eu.citrix.com
Wed Dec 7 19:47:27 UTC 2011

Hi Jeff,

Can you be more specific about what doesn't work?  There are lots of people using OpenStack with XenServer, including Citrix and Rackspace, so I can guarantee that it works!  The docs are lacking though, that's for certain.  Where did you get stuck?



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   I am trying to install OpenStack with XenServer.I followed what this page says,but with no luck.
(http://wiki.openstack.org/XenServerDevelopment)  Is there any one who successfully installed this?
Is there any guides available beyond the page above?
  What's more, I tried this way: https://github.com/cloudbuilders/devstack/tree/master/tools/xen
and it doesn't seem  to work either.Any thoughts? Thanks very much.

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