[Openstack] [GLANCE] Proposal: Combine the "container_format" and "disk_format" fields in 2.0 Images API

Donal Lafferty donal.lafferty at citrix.com
Tue Dec 6 08:54:07 UTC 2011

Hi Soren,

Had a quick look at the quote and your question below.

From reading the mailing list, it appears that Scott Mosen and possibly Jay Pipes are the experts on 'container type'.  

I'll let them step in and field this question...


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> 2011/12/5 Donal Lafferty <donal.lafferty at citrix.com>:
> >> Perhaps the finer details of what "MIME-style categorization" is are lost on
> me.
> >> Can you elaborate? Your original example was "vhd/x-ms-tools" which,
> >> to my eye, is simply a container type string with a vendor part
> >> added. What am I missing?
> > 'vhd' isn't a container type.  It's a disk format.  See
> > http://glance.openstack.org/formats.html
> Err..
> a) What on earth counts as a container type then?
> b) That's really beside the point. It's a "something" with a vendor part added.
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