[Openstack] [GLANCE] Proposal: Combine the "container_format" and "disk_format" fields in 2.0 Images API

Donal Lafferty donal.lafferty at citrix.com
Mon Dec 5 15:17:09 UTC 2011

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> 2011/12/2 Donal Lafferty <donal.lafferty at citrix.com>:
> >> I simply don't think adding a vendor part to the container type
> >> string is going to be a very good way to encode this.
> > Can this even be done with a MIME-style categorization?
> Perhaps the finer details of what "MIME-style categorization" is are lost on me.
> Can you elaborate? Your original example was "vhd/x-ms-tools" which, to my
> eye, is simply a container type string with a vendor part added. What am I
> missing?

'vhd' isn't a container type.  It's a disk format.  See http://glance.openstack.org/formats.html

I referred to MIME, because the container format and disk image specify the nature of the data being stored and served by Glance.  Were this information transferred over http, a casual observer familiar with RESTful communications would expect the data to be accompanied with a descriptive MIME type.  Therefore, I asked whether these fields should be switched for a single Content-Type field.  

To answer the question, it's unclear to me by what mechanism Glance exposes itself to Nova.  Even if it was by http, content type fields seem quite broad and not amenable to fast evolution or a hierarchical description.  Therefore, to my limited knowledge I think the answer would be no.

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