[openstack-tc] Discussion about a new umbrella / project for consumer / user experience

Jesse Noller jesse.noller at RACKSPACE.COM
Fri Jan 24 18:43:10 UTC 2014

On Jan 24, 2014, at 12:18 PM, Thierry Carrez <thierry at openstack.org> wrote:

> Jesse Noller wrote:
>> [...]
>> Given the schism in audiences, it looks like Horizon, this project, a unified CLI project and management of the individual CLI tools would fall under a Consumer / User Experience umbrella. 
>> If you look at the governance setup:
>> 	http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/governance/commit/
>> It seems to make sense that the UX proposal potentially be revived; but have actionable items under 3-4 sub teams:
>> 1: Unified SDK / Consumer-Developer tools
>> 2: Unified Client tools (CLI)
>> 3: Horizon (UI)
>> 4: Security
>> 5: i18n 
> A few remarks...
> I agree that the current CLI / developer experience is sub-optimal. From
> an organizational perspective, I think we can blame having the client
> libraries attached to each corresponding project's program, and having
> no clear home for the common client efforts.
> So I'd definitely welcome a team working on that, and would also
> definitely consider placing the existing client libraries under that
> umbrella if that group is willing to maintain them.
> But there are two key things to take into account.
> (1) Teams should exist first
> You can mandate anything you want, in the end if nobody is doing the
> work you won't get anywhere. That's why in OpenStack we took the view of
> letting teams spontaneously form rather than mandating that they exist,
> or rather then having them ask for permission first. A lot of people
> have been talking about CLI work in the past, but they never formed a
> team. The first step here is to gather the group of people interested in
> that topic and self-organize.

Excellent; between 4-5 people already collaborating on this - we have potential additional headcount from other like-minded companies and people who have never contributed to OpenStack before.

> (2) Teams scope should match what they work on
> There is no point in defining a scope if it doesn't match an existing
> team's focus. Yes, from an organizational perspective it makes sense to
> have Horizon and CLI folks in the same group, but if those end up being
> two separate subgroups working on those two sub-aspects, then two
> separate teams make a lot more sense.

That’s definitely fair: I’ll focus on the unified SDK project alone then, get that set up with regular meetings/etc and coordinate with Dean on the CLI project which should probably be moved out of oslo.

> In summary, I'd really like we have a team working on unified CLI. But
> me saying it won't make it happen. A group of people working on that
> will make it happen. That group should form, self-organize, and start
> working on stuff. If the overlap between that team and another existing
> team is very large, then it will make sense for them to regroup. If not,
> they should exist as a separate team. Once that team starts producing
> outputs, it can apply to be recognized as an official program (which
> would make a lot of sense to me).

Ok; I think the big thing is “is there a general resistance to the idea” - meaning, an overarching UX program with specific deliverables - from what you say here it seems like starting the SDK as a stand alone is OK, openstackclient is already there, but the problem remains with other UX / quality of life issues (security, i18n, accessibility) which pour into more of a cross-functional role.

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