[openstack-tc] Moving some projects around

James E. Blair jeblair at openstack.org
Mon Apr 7 17:31:30 UTC 2014

The infrastructure team has been asked to help tidy up the openstack/
project namespace.  After careful consideration, we have produced the
following consensus proposal.  I would like to run it by the TC to see
if we think it's reasonable and we should proceed, or if there are any
objectionable aspects, in which case I'm happy to open debate in the
usual way.  The proposal is:

Move the following projects to the openstack-attic/ org (because they
are no longer active projects though they had some degree of
officialness about them at the time they were active):

 * openstack-dev/openstack-qa
 * openstack/melange
 * openstack/python-melangeclient
 * openstack/openstack-chef

We should make these read-only as well.

Leave openstack-dev/sandbox where it is.  It's a useful tool for new
openstack developers and third party CI systems -- it should be
considered part of the openstack development process.

Leave openstack/python-openstackclient where it is.  Apparently a
program proposal for it should be forthcoming Real Soon Now, and we'd
really like to avoid moving it just to move it back.  Incidentally, I'm
told it is a hard requirement for configuring Keystone v3.

Leave openstack/gantt where it is, but make it read-only.  The current
state of development is considered a dead end, but there is likely to be
a future attempt (and therefore future openstack/gantt repository).
Rather than rename it and rename it back, or rename it to something like
"openstack-attic/gant-mark-one", we think mothballing it and then
replacing the entire branch with a merge commit for the second forklift
attempt (like we did with keystone-lite) is the least silly option and
actually faithfully represents development history.


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