[Openstack-stable-maint] 2012.2.3 status

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Tue Jan 22 15:32:43 UTC 2013


2012.2.3 is scheduled for January 31st. I'm planning on calling whatever
we have on January 25th a RC and getting aggressive about punting
anything risky until the next release.

A summary of the status of each project is below.

Quantum and Nova have obviously had the most activity, but also have a
bunch of bugs tagged as potential for backporting. Vish has done a
particularly great job of tagging bugs which look like they might be
good for backporting.

So, if folks have some time this week, the best thing to do for each
project is to look for serious issues which haven't been tagged with
folsom-backport-candidate or consider proposing backported patches for
any tagged bugs.


  - 11 bugs fixed
  - 5 InProgress
  - 1 review open, needs another +2
  - 29 tagged with folsom-backport-potential

  - 3 bugs fixed
  - nothing in the backport or review queue

  - 4 bugs fixed
  - nothing in the backport or review queue

  - 16 bugs fixed
  - 8 others marked with folsom-backport-potential
  - nothing in the review queue

  - 1 bug fixed
  - 1 bug InProgress

  - 6 bugs fixed
  - 2 marked with folsom-backport-potential

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