[Openstack-sigs] [First Contact]Initial Ideas on forming the First Contact SIG

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Tue Sep 26 15:06:51 UTC 2017

Excerpts from Zhipeng Huang's message of 2017-09-25 21:51:34 +0800:
> *Goals*:
> 1. To serve as the first contact point when project develop team finding
> something extraordinary.
> 2. To serve as the first contact point for local community to reach out to
> the dev community, whether it is first-comer onboarding, language
> translation issue, culture issue, etc.
> 3. To enable groups like Upstream Institute to maximize their capabilities
> on helping individuals, especially first-comers.
> 4. To enable local chapters could get a direct line with the dev community
> (not the foundation governance layer since we already have many links on
> that level) without involvement of more  non-tech interest parties.
> 5 To work with Linux Foundation CHAOSS program on project merit
> identification.

Let's reset the conversation a bit and talk about what the scope for the
new SIG should be.

The wiki page https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenStack_SIGs has a table
with a column for the scope and the existing items are short like the
mission statements for project teams. With that in mind, I propose we
start with something like:

  To work with new community members to help them find the information
  and resources they need to become effective contributors and to
  facilitate collaboration between the people working on initiatives
  related to those goals.

That tries to set a positive focus for the future of the group,
rather than focusing on the negative aspect of the thread that
triggered the idea.



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