[Openstack-sigs] [First Contact]Initial Ideas on forming the First Contact SIG

Zhipeng Huang zhipengh512 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 13:51:34 UTC 2017

Disclaimer: The proposal comes from conclusions of offline discussion in
response to the padding thread in openstack-dev mailing list. Credit to
Doug Hellmann and Ildiko Vancsa for their great suggestions and advices.


Given the recent heated debate on the padding activity[0], we have come to
a conclusion that the root cause would be the break down of communications
among various parties in this matter : first-comers, project core
contributors, company management level people, foundation, local OpenStack

It means that we don't actually have a channel in a way that when a
suspicious padding activity is spotted, who should be the first contact to
go to. Some are merged with the belief that there is no harm done, at the
mean time some are rejected with the intention that mal-practice like this
should be stopped.

It also means if we move beyond the padding issue, we found ourselves
facing a bigger issue that with the burgeoning OpenStack adoptions
worldwide, the central dev community is out of sync in several ways with
the local communities, culturally speaking. We have many local meetups and
events for sure, but newbies from a certain region still rely on indirect
information rather than proper community training when they want to be a
OpenStack developer.

Spontaneous response plus improper upstream training could lead to unstable

Therefore we want to propose to establish the First Contact SIG to solve
the issue, institutionally and methodologically. (Hopefully once for all in
due time)

1. To serve as the first contact point when project develop team finding
something extraordinary.
2. To serve as the first contact point for local community to reach out to
the dev community, whether it is first-comer onboarding, language
translation issue, culture issue, etc.
3. To enable groups like Upstream Institute to maximize their capabilities
on helping individuals, especially first-comers.
4. To enable local chapters could get a direct line with the dev community
(not the foundation governance layer since we already have many links on
that level) without involvement of more  non-tech interest parties.
5 To work with Linux Foundation CHAOSS program on project merit

In short, we hope this SIG could provide a social answer to a social
problem with enough technical capabilities.

*Proposed Formation*
1. one or two people serves as the first contact from the dev community side
2. each local/regional chapter should provide at least one lead active in
the SIG to serve as the first contact from the local side.

*Possible Output*
1. Chapter outlining the scope, goals and means.
2. Input material for TC/Board on any related resolution.

Again this is only a proposal. We will need as much feedback as possible,
as well as people that volunteer for the SIG positions to complete the

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