[Openstack-sigs] Initial Proposal for SIG-K8s

Chris Hoge chris at openstack.org
Thu Sep 14 16:16:13 UTC 2017

At the Boston Forum, we had a session devoted to working out how to
manage cross-project relations between the K8s and the OpenStack
communities[1]. One of my action items was to work out a plan for this,
with some framework for coordinating communications with the
k8s-sig-openstack group within the K8s community. With the formation of
SIGS within OpenStack[2], I'd like to propose that I follow up on that work
with the formation of SIG-K8s within OpenStack. This SIG would be the
community-local counterpart to the k8s-sig-openstack group, focused on
cross community communication and collaboration.

Where k8s-sig-openstack spends a good deal of time manging upstream
provider code, sig-k8s would likewise be focused on code to support and
enable K8s deployments within the OpenStack community. This could
include, but is not limited to:

* Collaborating and communicating with the k8s community through
* Working on improving the Gopher Cloud SDK (working with SIG-API).
* Offering guidance on the K8s upstream provider.
* Possibly migrating the K8s upstream provider to OpenStack governance.
* Improving standalone support of OpenStack services like Cinder for K8s.
* Facilitating communication between OpenStack on K8s deployment
* Working with infra to build out OpenStack/K8s testing pipelines within
  zuul and the nodepool

I'd like to have an organizational sesson on Friday September 15 at the
PTG, 10:30-11:30 Mountain Time/16:30-17:30 UTC, Colorado Ballroom C. You
can also attend remotely at https://zoom.us/j/795966362


Chris Hoge
Interop Engineer
OpenStack Foundation

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/go-and-containers
[2] https://ttx.re/introducing-sigs.html

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