[Openstack-sigs] [meta] Initial working groups to convert to SIGs

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Tue Aug 8 16:32:54 UTC 2017

On 2017-08-08 08:53:04 -0500 (-0500), Ed Leafe wrote:
> On Aug 8, 2017, at 7:17 AM, Thierry Carrez <thierry at openstack.org> wrote:
> > 
> > People who previously hesitated to join *might* take that step
> > once we remove the artificial barriers to entry.
> Has there been any case where someone expressed such a reluctance,
> to either us or any other WG, due to their perception of
> upstream/downstream? This is something I have not heard about
> until now.

My guess is that we never actually get such feedback from people who
fail to engage in or otherwise associate with a given group, because
it's driven by a process of self-selection rather than rejection.
Jeremy Stanley
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