[openstack-qa] [QA] enabling support for execution of tempest tests for an incubated openstack project.

Malini Kamalambal malini.kamalambal at RACKSPACE.COM
Tue Jun 17 13:53:34 UTC 2014


We went through a similar exercise for Marconi.
At that point of time, there was not any documentation on the series of steps to go through.
Below are some of the high level steps we went through.

  1.  Complete devstack integration (Make sure you run devstack with same local.conf as in the gate. We spent painfully long time figuring out why the tests works in the local devstack instance, but fails at the gate )
  2.  Add experimental jobs in Tempest, Barbican pipeline. These jobs won't be voting, and can be triggered with 'check experimental' comment when you submit a new patch set. The point here is to prove that these jobs can be eventually made voting.
  3.  Once you feel comfortable abt the experimental job in Step 2, make it voting in the Barbican pipeline.
  4.  The job becomes voting in Tempest, once Barbican graduates.


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Subject: [openstack-qa] enabling support for execution of tempest tests for an incubated openstack project.

Hello All,
I have submitted a QA spec for adding tempest tests for barbican project. Here's the link to gerrit review for the QA spec:
Currently Barbican is an incubated openstack project. In order to support enabling the execution of these gated tests, I understand there are changes to be implemented in several projects like the infra, devstack, devstack-gate.
I would like to find out if the infra team would provide such support or the QA individual working on these tests would have to make the necessary changes for infrastructure support. Please help me on how to get started on these infrastructure changes. Essentially barbican will be disabled by default in tempest and will have a dedicated non-voting (for now) barbican job running these tests.
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