[openstack-qa] Simplified testcase class model

Attila Fazekas afazekas at redhat.com
Wed Jun 12 04:13:57 UTC 2013

Long time ago I wanted to add single root class,
which provides everything what is generally usable by all test
types. (Not the things what easily could be used as a simple functions in another places) 

Probably we need only one additional base class per test types (~4).

We need to remove the small anomalies and move functionality to an upper level.
(closer to the root class)

hacking.py (inspection at syntax check) and loosing the setup_package combination was a blocker.
BTW: I just don't like inspection aka. 'arbitrary code execution' in a 'syntax checker', otherwise I am using it.
BTW: The miss of the teardown_package is an issue in a test suite scoped resource management.

The above combination was my real reason of trying to fix or remove the hacking.py's
 module import rule checker. (And trying to apply the module import rules by a ~2000 line change)

We definitely uses a more complex test class hierarchy than it is really necessary!

We have small anomalies, but AFAIK non of them a real blocker,
 which could prevent the 1-5 base class goal.

Thoughts ?

PS.: The current flake8/hacking anomaly is a not wanted exception printing,
 at least it is does not a blocker for other changes (EXIT_SUCCESS).

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