[openstack-qa] Data encapsulation within Tempest

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Sun Jun 9 19:50:05 UTC 2013

On 06/09/2013 10:50 AM, Tal Kammer wrote:
> Some code examples:
> In the "base.py" file in the identity section.
> Why does the BaseIdentityAdminTest class needs to hold so many clients inside it?

No idea. I can't stand this aspect of it.

> In the "clients.py" file.
> Why do we need an "AdminManager"/"AltManager"/"ComputeAdminManager"?

See previous email with code from my proof of concept. Instead of using 
admin manager, alt manager, and all that stuff, it uses role-based user 
management, which is a much cleaner strategy than the current one, IMO.

> Why do we need so many "if" statements for username/password/tenant/etc in the Manager class? or a better question is "why is the Manager class dependent on a specific implementation of an Identity component" (keystone)?

I don't really think we need a Manager class at all. It serves no 
purpose, IMO.

> In the "services" folder.
> Why do we need two clients for JSON/XML?

Because both code paths need testing?

> I believe that all the examples above can easily be improved by encapsulation and separation of duties.
> for example, in the "clients.py":
> If we create an object named "User" (or a KeystoneUser) that will hold the proper credentials and send it to the Manager class directly, or better yet, to a KeystoneManager (that inherit/composite Manager) that knows what are the requirements for a keystone authentication, we simplified the way of using our code and consolidate five different classes into one.

I don't believe we need a Manager class at all. We should use the 
fixtures.Fixture class as our basic unit of test-needed resources and 
use fixtures.TestWithFixtures to handle much of the plumbing.


> There are more examples of how encapsulation and separation of duties can help us down size the amount of code we write and help us be modular, but I will stop here as this mail got pretty long as it is :)
> Thoughts?
> Tal Kammer
> (tkammer on IRC)
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