[openstack-qa] [QA] Help needed from OpenStack project committers around Tempest reviews

David Kranz david.kranz at qrclab.com
Mon Nov 12 21:00:20 UTC 2012

Two of the main charters of the OpenStack QA group are:

1. Provide a set of integration tests that make sure all OpenStack
projects work together
2. Ensure that incompatible API changes are caught and allow core PTLs
to address these incompatible changes

The coverage is pretty good for nova, glance, keystone, cinder. Tests are
now being added for swift and quantum. Other projects are coming along in
incubation that will also need a place in Tempest. We need help
reviewing new API areas that come into Tempest. What would help most is
if each project volunteered a few people who could be asked to review
new tests in their area of expertise and +1 them (or -1). The QA core
reviewers would continue to review these changes as well but it is hard
for us to know if all the details are correct.

One review we could use help with right now is for swift:




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