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Sean Dague sdague at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Nov 5 20:41:32 UTC 2012

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On 11/02/2012 04:34 PM, Sean Dague wrote:
> Out of the nova live upgrade, and full gate in tempest sessions at
> OpenStack Summit I think I've come up with the following blueprints that
> we should be looking at over grizzly.
> * tempest-testtools - remove nose from tempest and use testtools/testr
> instead (this conversation mostly happened before I was in the room). I
> think Daryl is working this one, but we should blueprint it.
> * tempest-coverage-reporting: come up with a way to get coverage out of
> OpenStack from tempest. Initial focus will be nova. This will help us
> identify areas that are and are not touched by external testing. Matt
> Treinish is working on this right now.
> * tempest-audit: perform audit of tempest tests looking at longest
> running tests to determine if there are other ways to combine them, or
> remove duplicate tesitng, to reduce overall tempest runtime.
> * nightly-upgade-testing: Dean Troyer's grenade effort needs to get into
> the nightly testing on the ci team, and the results should be coming out
> to the qa team.
> * mixed-version-rpc-testing: This was a proposed attempt to specifically
> test a commit against the previous to ensure that the RPC layers can
> communicate (i.e. pass all the regular RPC tests). Right now we assume
> RPC multi node versions work, but it's not tested anywhere.
> * multinode-testing: we need to develop a way to do multinode-testing as
> part of nightly runs. This may be past grizzly, but should be on the
> list because we keep bringing it up.
> Please feel free to throw on comments and thoughts. Once we have general
> concensus we can take these forward into the tracker.
>      -Sean

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